path of the broken heart

October 28, 2012

i became a mother at the end of January this year. my husband started having an affair with a colleague two months later.
my little girl is nine months old now, and the last seven months have been some of the most terrible and wonderful of my life so far


The new and improved version, after much soldering and heartache, and ripping out of conductive threads …

See video on vimeo:

Barking Mad – Suzi Webster & Jordan Benwick from Jordan B on Vimeo.


February 3, 2010

Wow, I feel so happy that firefox remembered by password – I thought that Bicylcfish was condemned to moulder away for ever with no fresh content and commentary!

So – electromode, part of the Vancouver 2010 cultural olympiad: all the famous canadian artists, and then …


thanks to Valerie from Montreal we will be showing alongside some wonderful Canadian wearables artists like Joey Berzowska from hexagram, Montreal, and Ying Gao who makes origami look like simplistic child’s play.

For more wearables musings, see electricdream

Not war games

November 12, 2006


Doppelganger’s intelligent and articulate thoughts on war as the “messy, stupid, tragic failure of human nature”   have left me feeling really sad.  Not just in a sad “oh war is bad and I feel sad” kind of way, but in a bleak powerless sort of way.

Exceptional humans like Ghandi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela have all helped to make the world better without resorting to war, and certainly in the case of Mandela have prevented civil war, but they are rare.

As just one person, what can I possibly do to stop war?  As someone who abhors the idea of war, of violence against others, I am still plagued by the question of how to respond when someone – whether a school yard bully or a global super-power, uses force to get what they want.

Turning the other cheek seems like just asking for more of the same, only harder.  Any other ideas?

flu.jpg  Flu

After two intercontinental flights in less than a week, the shock of being back in polluted London, starting the second and final year of my MFA and working like a demon to get new work made and installed for our interim show which opens on Monday, my body is rebelling by having the flu.
Not just a few sniffles, but lung-wracking coughs and violent sneezes. Fuzzy head and aching bones as though I am in a submersible 1000 meters under the sea.  I thought I’d make a list of the 5 best home-remedies I’ve tried so far:

  1. Hot toddy made with fresh ginger, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and most important of all, a healthy slug of brandy
  2. Hot bath with 5 drops of Tea Tree essential oil
  3. Large quantities of freshly squeezed orange juice, as well as vitamin C and zinc
  4. Tasty teaspoon fulls of Nin Jiom cough syrup
  5. Foul and disgusting drops of oregano essential oil

Maybe I should just get some more sleep …. Any other remedies gratefully received.

The Naked Truth

September 22, 2006

Not too sure who’s the maker behind these images, but let’s hope its always summer when we fly

Electric Skin

September 12, 2006


I am excited to have been invited to present electric skin at an upcoming symposium How Smart Are We? at the Royal Institute of British Architects on Friday!