I love that 60’s retro-futuristic look that is informing the current exhibition of electric skin in belgium at the fashion museum in hasselt.

I love the naive sense of hope in the future that it implies, a happy space candy kind of vision that is very difficult to feel in light of current global conditions


The new and improved version, after much soldering and heartache, and ripping out of conductive threads …

See video on vimeo:

Barking Mad – Suzi Webster & Jordan Benwick from Jordan B on Vimeo.

persistence_memory_dali_small.jpg  Dali’s Persistance of Memory – my most disliked work of art of last century.

My father died a month ago, after a difficult 5 months of brain injury, coma, a stroke, further brain damage, and a few bouts with MRSA. This has been one of the most difficult situations I have ever had to cope with, and the experience still feels largely undigested.

Now that my dad is gone, I have been thinking a lot about memory. Specifically – all that i have left of him now are memories, padded with photographs, words, stories. Suddenly I am distrusting my memory, it seems so ephemeral, like trying to catch bits of a dream in the morning, and not very persistant at all.

This feeling, coupled with being in Johannesburg with very little internet access and a great sense of dislocation from the world and the web, has made me think a lot about how I am locating some of my memory more and more online. I don’t just mean having firefox remember logins for me, I mean that it seems so much easier to just google something than it is to hold that information at the forefront of my brain. I’ve let my phone remember all contact numbers for a few years now.  I’ve thought about dystopian situations where humans have to rely exclusively on their machines in order to remember anything at all – even our own names …

Kevin Kelly of Wired said in 2005 that  “…What will most surprise us is how dependent we will be on what the Machine knows – about us and about what we want to know. … The more we teach this megacomputer, the more it will assume responsibility for our knowing. It will become our memory. Then it will become our identity. In 2015 many people, when divorced from the Machine, won’t feel like themselves – as if they’ve had a lobotomy.”

I assume that by Machine, Kelly meant the web?


For more book-cut sculptures ….

Fantastic stumbles

November 24, 2006

calabi-grid.gif       Higher Dimensions from String Theory

Firefox has become my favorite browser, and today I found an extension called StumbleUpon.  It works a bit like del.icio.us, in that you can save sites you like and comment on them, as well as read other people’s opinions, but what makes it very tasty is that you hit the stumble button, and you are taken to a new site based on the interests that you have entered in your profile.

I was so entranced by The Elegant Universe that I spent three hours learning about string theory. Perhaps this is just a new way of surfing around, wasting time, avoiding writing my thesis, or perhaps not, perhaps it’s all connected in the 11th dimension.  And reading about Quantum issues in Architecture makes me wonder why people aren’t thinking about Quantum issues in Art too, or maybe they are, just not at the Slade.

Art, truth and politics

November 20, 2006

Wow, no wonder they gave this man the Nobel Prize for literature

Electric Skin

September 12, 2006


I am excited to have been invited to present electric skin at an upcoming symposium How Smart Are We? at the Royal Institute of British Architects on Friday!