Fantastic stumbles

November 24, 2006

calabi-grid.gif       Higher Dimensions from String Theory

Firefox has become my favorite browser, and today I found an extension called StumbleUpon.  It works a bit like, in that you can save sites you like and comment on them, as well as read other people’s opinions, but what makes it very tasty is that you hit the stumble button, and you are taken to a new site based on the interests that you have entered in your profile.

I was so entranced by The Elegant Universe that I spent three hours learning about string theory. Perhaps this is just a new way of surfing around, wasting time, avoiding writing my thesis, or perhaps not, perhaps it’s all connected in the 11th dimension.  And reading about Quantum issues in Architecture makes me wonder why people aren’t thinking about Quantum issues in Art too, or maybe they are, just not at the Slade.


Sonic beds and sound massage

September 5, 2006

Yay, someone’s finally made the sound massager.  This is an idea that I had while driving one day, listening to Juno Receptor on my upgraded car stereo.  There is something wonderful about being surrounded by sound, and feeling the vibrations  right through your body.  Just ask all the dancers who swim in the currents of the big bass speakers (speakerfish).

The Sonic bed is one of a number of similar projects out there, but although the design is not too sexy, the experience is getting there.  The makers of the sonic bed also scooped an honorary mention at this year’s ars electronica


The Mind Expander

August 30, 2006


This 1967 structure from Haus-Rucker-Co is quite wierd, although there aren’t really any indications that it does indeed expand the mind.  From the description, it sounds like sitting in a giant hairdryer-kaleidascope.

For a more contemporary design which makes no claims for mind expansion but does for musical stimulation, see the beautiful prototype for Acconci Studio’s Sound Shell.

omb-pouch.jpg As the proud new owner of a stylish black i-pod nano (so thin it’s amazing), love-gift from jb, I am overwhelmed by all things i-pod.  By strange co-incidence, the same day I got fred, the i-pod, I heard about ohmibod .  I haven’t erm, tried it personally yet, but it is the sleekest little high-tech vibrator I have ever seen.  And the little pink pouch is so, pink.  Good vibes take on a whole new post-technohippy meaning …