I love that 60’s retro-futuristic look that is informing the current exhibition of electric skin in belgium at the fashion museum in hasselt.

I love the naive sense of hope in the future that it implies, a happy space candy kind of vision that is very difficult to feel in light of current global conditions


The new and improved version, after much soldering and heartache, and ripping out of conductive threads …

See video on vimeo:

Barking Mad – Suzi Webster & Jordan Benwick from Jordan B on Vimeo.

Exquisite Mould

April 22, 2007

blazymould.jpg    On a recent visit to Paris, I finally went to see Bourriaud’s Palais du Tokyo, and was so happy to come away inspired, primarily by Post Patman, an organic intallation by Michel Blazy.  Walking through the huge warehouse like space that holds his work felt a bit like walking through the end of the world – the rot, decay and strange organic mutation was eerily, abjectly beautiful.

“A builder of random, fragile universes, Michel Blazy likes to manipulate materials, to attempt to control their disappearance and transformation, or on the contrary to be completely dependent on them. The micro events to which the adventure gives rise are crucial to the unfolding journey: instances of intentional or accidental germination, of the desiccation and decline of materials, of microscopic molds and rots, of the deterioration of surfaces, of the degeneration, transmutation or decrepitude of forms – all these febrile energies of living matter are claimed by the artist as operations crucial to the elaboration of the work.”  from the  programme du Palais de Tokyo.

Dr Clock’s Handbook

January 31, 2007

dr_clocks_thumb.jpgThis new offering from Redstone Press bills itself as the definitive handbook of the absurd – an absurd idea if there ever was one.

Clocks, calendars, timetables and guidebooks assure us: there is order to things. You can tell the time, organise your days, plan your weeks, cultivate your garden, plot your travels. Reality rules!

In Dr Clock’s absurd world, on the contrary, things are not always what the seem. Logic leads to surprise, paradox reigns with looking-glass rules, things slide quickly from the sublime to the ridiculous. It’s a world turned upside down and back to front. And it all makes perfect sense.

I highly recommend this book!

Ernesto Neto

January 20, 2007

1.jpg   I am not sure if this wonderful Brazilian artist has ever been influenced by rave culture, but someone should put him in charge of all chillout spaces all over the planet.3.jpg

For a more thoughtful investigation of Neto’s practise in terms of art and design, see his interview on designboom.    Similar but different to Oursler’s  Thoughtforms.

Memories of strangers

December 2, 2006

blinks1.jpgI can’t believe that it is December already – what happened to November?  Soon, soon the thesis will be done.  If not done, handed in at least.  In my ‘research’ I came accross this interesting installation: between blinks and buttons by  berlin based artist and designer, Sascha Pohflepp.  You’ll have to check out the images yourself, but I really liked the way that she is thinking about photography.  She says ” … cameras become networked buttons that create a link between two people through the simple fact that they did the same thing simultaneously: pressing a button. The cameras create a visual trace of it, with time as a reference.”


“In addition to their value as a memory, each image contains a multitude of information about the context of its creation. Through this metainformation, every image is linked to the precise moment in time when it was taken, making it possible to see what happened simultaneously in the world at that instant. This work tries to focus the user’s imagination on that other, to create narratives that run between one’s own memory and a stranger’s moment which happened to coincide in time.”


For more book-cut sculptures ….