nomad1.jpg    BicycleFish tries to make sense of the absurd, and thinks that art might be the way to do it. She also thinks way too much and is waiting to be transported back to her home planet any day now.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Sheila Says:

    What a lovely picture of you!

  2. queenminx Says:

    I think the day will come when fish ride bicycles.

    I would much prefer fish on bikes, than driving cars.


  3. BicycleFish too Says:

    Hello, BicycleFish! How incredible to find someone with the same name! I write fan fiction under the name BicycleFish and I was just wondering what would happen if I googled that name. And here you are! I named myself for the quote attributed to Gloria Steinham. Were we thinking the same thing? Personally, I think a fish might have a damn good time on a bicycle.

    Hope all is well. Keep pedaling and swimming!

  4. bicyclefish Says:

    I wasn’t really thinking of Gloria – just about what would be most unlikely to ever mix together. That’s what i love about the blogoverse: someone, somewhere has bound to have thought the same thing!

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