Dr Clock’s Handbook

January 31, 2007

dr_clocks_thumb.jpgThis new offering from Redstone Press bills itself as the definitive handbook of the absurd – an absurd idea if there ever was one.

Clocks, calendars, timetables and guidebooks assure us: there is order to things. You can tell the time, organise your days, plan your weeks, cultivate your garden, plot your travels. Reality rules!

In Dr Clock’s absurd world, on the contrary, things are not always what the seem. Logic leads to surprise, paradox reigns with looking-glass rules, things slide quickly from the sublime to the ridiculous. It’s a world turned upside down and back to front. And it all makes perfect sense.

I highly recommend this book!


Ernesto Neto

January 20, 2007

1.jpg   I am not sure if this wonderful Brazilian artist has ever been influenced by rave culture, but someone should put him in charge of all chillout spaces all over the planet.3.jpg

For a more thoughtful investigation of Neto’s practise in terms of art and design, see his interview on designboom.    Similar but different to Oursler’s  Thoughtforms.

lagomera1.jpg  The weather in London is not currently like this.  In fact it is quite foul.  But on La Gomera, the second smallest of the Canary Islands off the left side of Africa, it is beautiful for most of the year.  The temperature hovers around a most pleasant 22.  Kind of like Hawaii for Europeans.  As a result it is full of said Europeans trying to excape the foulness of winter and find some sunshine.  I am so happy that we went there over Christmas: we also spent a few days on Tenerife, but I won’t sadden you with tales of thoughtless development, sprawling shopping malls and lobsterish hordes.  If you do go to the Canaries, La Gomera is really worth while – peaceful and beautiful.  We stayed in Valle Gran Rey, apparently an ex-hippie hangout, and there are still some organic food suppliers and fire/juggling/performers on the beach at sunset.

It was wonderful to see stars again (natural ones, not manufactured celebs that you may or may not see in London), and no sirens.  For a whole week.  Just the sounds of goat bells and roosters and waves.

Travel tip: take gravol – there is a long ferry ride that can be quite rough, and the roads are well maintained but hairpin bends are plentiful.


late but happy new year wishes