Gone Fishing

December 10, 2006

This dusty little corner of the blogoverse is going to get even sadder, dustier and quieter until January 2007.   I am going back to johannesburg – city of the painful dial up modems among other things, and then off to Spain for Christmas and New Year.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is glamorous.

Wishing you heaps, oodles and gazillions of good things


Memories of strangers

December 2, 2006

blinks1.jpgI can’t believe that it is December already – what happened to November?  Soon, soon the thesis will be done.  If not done, handed in at least.  In my ‘research’ I came accross this interesting installation: between blinks and buttons by  berlin based artist and designer, Sascha Pohflepp.  You’ll have to check out the images yourself, but I really liked the way that she is thinking about photography.  She says ” … cameras become networked buttons that create a link between two people through the simple fact that they did the same thing simultaneously: pressing a button. The cameras create a visual trace of it, with time as a reference.”


“In addition to their value as a memory, each image contains a multitude of information about the context of its creation. Through this metainformation, every image is linked to the precise moment in time when it was taken, making it possible to see what happened simultaneously in the world at that instant. This work tries to focus the user’s imagination on that other, to create narratives that run between one’s own memory and a stranger’s moment which happened to coincide in time.”