City of Gold

October 29, 2006

johannesburg_view.jpg The best thing about Johannesburg, South Africa, is leaving it. I had the misfortune to be born there, and the good sense to leave it as soon as I could. Unfortunately my father and sister still live there, despite my many enticements to leave.

There are beautiful things about Johannesburg: the perfect weather, endless blue skies and sunshine, the thousands of birds. At heart though, the city remains an overgrown mining town, inhabited by people chasing the dreams of gold. The empty ostentation of luxury cars and gated mansions is sharply contrasted by the many shanty towns that don’t even have sewerage or running water. The cultural life of most is lived in shopping malls.

Of course going there to be with my father who is in icu in a coma doesn’t help up the enjoyment stakes of being in Johannesburg – parents in a coma suck no matter where you are in the world.


12 Responses to “City of Gold”

  1. […] This dusty little corner of the blogoverse is going to get even sadder, dustier and quieter until January 2007.   I am going back to johannesburg – city of the painful dial up modems among other things, and then off to Spain for Christmas and New Year.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is glamorous. […]



  3. Oosrand Says:

    Joburg is the best! Been living in Cape Town and cant wait to move back! Ill sleep when I am dead, cant live at this pace. And the people in Joburg are a more inviting as well!

  4. Brey Says:

    You shouldnt be so pesimistic.
    Jo’burg is a world class city, and i for one am proud to have been born here, its a tough city, true, but i guess that explains why you left.
    i say good riddance to you, enjoy where ever you’ve retreated to.
    We dont need soft little complainers like you.

  5. bicyclefish Says:

    thanks for the good wishes Brey, how charming

  6. willira Kabura Says:

    IN ONE I CAN SAY GOD BLESS AFRICA TO TAKE AWAY a source of war ’cause of in my life I never thouth that we’ve beautful CITY like JOHANNESBURG

  7. FARAH Says:

    ouaaaou que c beau lool g vu mieu

  8. WasAbokkie Says:

    I grew up in JHB I loved it would repeat my entire childhood I now live in the states and occasionaly visit- home Is home Its still a wonderful place just a sad political situation

  9. Sailimah Says:

    So sad to see that such a beautiful place has so much corruption. Just like here in the US. Thank God for Jesus. At least we have heaven to look toward.

  10. bicyclefish Says:

    I love south africa. It hurts my heartstrings. I can never return to the space or place I knew as a child. It is covered over by shopping malls and centers, by a relentless forward motion, an unmatched intensity.

  11. spakes Says:

    so sad to hear anyone complaining about being born in Ejozi.u were never a true Southie.I am in Australia and crime is here as well my broer/suster and I miss my place like it in the world.we have both the 1st &3rd worlds and that is the secret.

  12. edrians shark Says:

    wow thats the nosense i have never heard, am a ugandan visited southie and all i can say its the land of opotunity!!always leave politics and look at the beauty of the country and how welocoming is the society.its sad that u left may b for other resions but as i i love south and i will alwayz do.

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